The mission of Unspoken Heroes is to spread the awareness for those that dont have a voice, Sickle Cell Anemia effects everyone, pain effects everyone.

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The Sickle Cell Blog: Lessons from the Hospital, pt 2


I ended up spending an entire week in the hospital, and boy, what a rough week it was. It was also a week that taught me much about myself, my illness, and what I am called to do in this world. It began with my second visit to the ER. After being swiftly taken to a room and having an IV started, I…

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Lathan James: Found something very interesting


I wish I had cancer . .

Sometimes … A LOT of times I wish I had CANCER instead of Sickle Cell.

Because then I wouldn’t get dirty looks from nurses when Im in the hospital

screaming that Im in pain and that the medication isn’t working.

If I had cancer no one would question me. Everyone would…

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I went to a high school where sickle cell was unheard of, plenty of hospital visits and missed days later everyone knew what sickle cell anemia was and began to educate themselves. I moved to a city where the doctors had no idea how to treat or handle sickle cell patients, every hospital visit was frustrating but every visit taught them something new about the disease & how to make their patients comfortable, these steps helped them grow, I went to the hospital 8 times since January 2012 & each time I teach 1 more person about sickle cell anemia. I started Unspoken Heroes to educate, to assist patients & families, put sickle cell anemia in the spotlight, make this bigger than anyone would have expected.

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everybody watch, share & understand

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Reblog so everyone can begin to understand.

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Reblog, Spread the word, make us known, because this is only the beginning.

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I need everyone behind me, i need to tell my story, im trying to give you beauty, im trying to show you truth, im putting everything i have into unspoken, i only pray that you feel this, i pray that you feel me & my story, sickle cell doesn’t control me, it only made my story better, were here to help everyone, help you grow, help you see the love behind the heroes.

Im trying to be your hero, i want to be everyones hero, i can’t loose.

(Unspoken Heroes)

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